One of the best and oldest holiday traditions is Christmas caroling.  There is no definitive history behind Christmas caroling. Where they originated, who wrote them and how they evolved is unclear. Caroling is an oral tradition, passed down from generation to generation.

A common legend says that Christmas carols were named after Carol Poles, a little English girl who is said to have gone missing in London during the holiday season in the late 19th century. People supposedly searched for her by going door-to-door, singing to declare their good intent

Today, many caroling groups sing for charity in churches and neighborhoods; some historical accounts think this came about when poor citizens would “sing for their supper” in exchange for food or drink. Another theory is that carolers traveled door-to-door because they were not originally allowed to perform in churches. Whatever the origins, gathering friends and family for caroling and spreading Christmas joy is a long-standing tradition.

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