Santa Wants To Hear From You!

Sending letters to Santa is a really old tradition that people do every year. I get really excited when I see the letters arrive in the mail. Sometimes it’s difficult to go to the post office, so we want to make it easy for all of you!

If your mom or dad says it’s okay, you can send a letter or a list of things you want to Santa electronically. You can do this by scrolling down this page. If you need help typing it, ask your sibling or an adult to assist you. Make sure to tell me about yourself and what you want. I love reading those letters and Ruby the Elf is helping me set up my phone so I can receive them. Although I don’t really understand how my phone works, I know I can read messages because Mrs. Claus sends me lists of things to get on my way home from the workshop each day. Ruby is teaching me how to use it better. I hope you wish me luck!

If you have written out a list or made drawings (I really love those!), ask an adult to take a photo of it and send it to me at this email address:

There is a place where you can put your parents’ email address if you want them to know about your list, but you don’t HAVE to do that. Some people are careful about sharing that information, and that’s perfectly fine. You can send your list with just your first name and your letter. You don’t have to fill in the other spaces.

I can’t wait to see your letters and lists. They make me really happy!

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Always check with an adult before sending your email address to someone!
What Are You Sending Santa?