I visit all of the places in the world but people celebrate the holidays (and me!) differently.  Every few weeks I’ll share information about how people view Santa everywhere.  If you have things that your country, state or city are special you can shoot them to me at dearsanta@northpolemail.christmas.

This time we will look at how residents in the United Kingdom look at Santa Claus…

Certain traditions are just a natural part of the British Christmas. Yorkshire pudding and turkey on the Christmas table, kids pulling Christmas crackers, and Father Christmas wearing green.

Although you will see the more popular, red-suited version of Santa on Christmas in the UK, the traditional British Father Christmas wears a hooded green cloak, a wreath of holly or ivy, and carries a staff. I’ve been known to wear both, depending on where I’m landing on Christmas Eve.

In pop culture, he resembles the Ghost of Christmas Present in Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.”

Where I visit or what I am called my job is always the same: To deliver holiday joy to everyone around the world!