Elstrela, The Director of the Timekeepers

In the heart of the North Pole, within the grand Hall of Time & Space, resides Estrela, the esteemed head of the Timekeepers. With her white hair and a wide, slight smile, Estrela is a figure of wisdom and warmth. She and the other Timekeepers are short in stature, but their presence is mighty.

Estrela’s role is to ensure that the Timekeepers, a dedicated group of elves, are meeting the expectations of their vital jobs. The Timekeepers are charged with keeping all of time aligned, ensuring that every moment flows seamlessly into the next. Their vigilance is unparalleled, and their dedication unwavering.

Estrela, with her gentle demeanor, walks through the Hall of Time & Space, observing her team as they work. She offers words of encouragement and guidance, ensuring that each Timekeeper feels valued and motivated. Her presence is a source of inspiration, and her wide, slight smile a beacon of reassurance.

With Estrela’s guidance, the Timekeepers work together to prepare for the solstice. They synchronize the clocks, adjust the gears, and ensure that every moment is accounted for. Thanks to their vigilance and teamwork, they are able to maintain the harmony of time.

Estrela’s leadership and the dedication of the Timekeepers ensure that the Hall of Time & Space continues to be a place of precision, harmony, and unwavering commitment to the flow of time. Under Estrela’s watchful eyes and wide, slight smile, the wonders of time remain in perfect balance.